Egyptian Chammomile

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Chamomile is an adored as a pacifier of vata, and also for its cooling qualities, which can relieve redness and inflammation (excess pitta) from the stomach and skin. Chamomile is a wonderful balm for the nervous system, offering peace and rest. 
Known as the “plant’s physician,” the presence of chamomile actually improves the health of unwell plants nearby. Ancient Egyptians saw chamomile as a gift from the Sun God, Ra. It’s a mineral accumulator, and so seen to strengthen and give courage (therefore calming anxiety). The watery energy of chamomile is essentially loving and nurturing, so it is no surprise that babies are often given their first bath in chamomile water. It is a superior mother-baby herb which offers gentle, effective aid. We turn to chamomile to soothe vata and support mothers and children with restful tummies and better sleep. We also appreciate chamomile’s excellent anti-inflammatory and cosmetic properties. 

Clears and soothes skin eruptions and redness

Relieves tummy aches

Induces peaceful sleep, calms anxiety

Improves blood flow

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