Help Goodness Grow

Help Goodness Grow

To our Surya Community,

What a monumental time in human history. We take it as a hugely positive one. A revolution that will lead to a crucial awakening, especially if we do this together. And do it now.

Yes, as never before, we are reflecting and thinking. And as well-intentioned as we’ve always been, it’s apparent that we were as much a part of the problem as anyone.

In Ayurveda, all health — physical, mental, emotional, societal — is sustained by a consciousness that embraces a broader view of life. In Ayurveda, to be truly healthy, we must expand our awareness until it encompasses the profound inter-connectedness of life, from one person to another, and also, with all the life around us… animals, plants, and the planet, itself.  The sense of being with life, and the compassion naturally born from that.

This is also the core of Ayurveda — the understanding that all of us, and all life, come from the same source. We don’t only come from it… we are forever and intimately connected with it, and with each other. In Ayurveda, one person’s suffering is everyone’s suffering. We are all part of one larger and living organism. This consciousness, this awareness, filled with life, is where we’re heading. This is our future.

How can this shift in consciousness manifest? At Surya, we’re starting with words. We’re listening to words. We know that listening with compassion can bring healing. Yes, it might be hard. Family members might argue. But we’re going to read books. Learn the history. Shine light on our blind spots. Face the systematic oppression levied at our our fellow humans. And then we’re going to talk about it. Not to exasperate wounds — but so that by knowing what was, we can acknowledge it, start to heal it, and do better. Person to person, new words — from a new attitude — can start and sustain this transformation. Let’s turn to our friends, and if we can be even bolder, let’s turn to people with whom we’ve had a problem, let’s tell them we’re listening, and let’s listen.

The intimate and human experience of vast numbers of our fellow Americans has just been laid bare. Much of it has been terrible. Yesterday, we turned away. Today, we will turn towards.

And we will keep this foremost — this is a revolution of good. Whether we sought it or not, we have an opportunity. Starting today, and for the rest of our lives, we can and will work to right the wrongs to which we have turned a blind eye. Even the best of us, in different ways, have turned a blind eye. For hundreds of years. Let’s help each other as help is needed. Let’s find action. Support black-owned businesses. Donate. Protest. Feel the groundswell. Join the groundswell. And help goodness grow.

Surya was founded on the Ayurvedic principles of nurturing, healing, and support. That’s our mission. But now we’re strengthening our sense of purpose. We’re going to open to our fellow Americans, whom we have, consciously or unconsciously, become habituated to marginalizing. This takes conviction and commitment. But it’s beautiful, yes, beautiful, to have the privilege to correct errors of the past and move forward in a better way. We’re grateful to be part of the change.


With love,

Martha, Roger, and the Surya Team

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