Martha Soffer


Internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic Panchakarma expert, Ayurvedic Chef, Herbal Rasayanist, and master Ayurvedic Pulse diagnostician, Martha Soffer is the founder of Surya, the recognized leader of modern Ayurveda. Martha’s focus on “Ayurveda for Modern Life” is achieved through a system of practical and easy self-care, helping each individual attain balance and wellness through healing retreats, restorative beauty, wellness and food products, as well as educational guidance and support. Working to restore Ayurveda to its authentic, spiritual, and most effective roots, Martha is an innovator in making Ayurveda a viable modern and complementary system of wellness and health. A frequent guest on the CBS talk show “The Doctors,” Martha also works with MDs who refer patients when western medicine cannot deliver a satisfactory solution, and who often come themselves for seasonal treatments. Martha teaches and lectures, and is featured in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, In Style, Allure, the L.A. Times, New York Magazine, and Goop. With the Surya team, Martha brings long-term vitality and health to clients who range from next-door neighbors to the top stars of the film and entertainment industries.

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