Surya Skincare

Surya is a line of premier, natural, and highly-effective skincare and lifestyle products that innovate upon the timeless tradition of Ayurveda.

Created by Martha Soffer, Ayurvedic master and founder of Surya’s award-winning wellness center, Surya’s customized oils, creams, and soaks result in transformative well-being and long-lasting beauty.

Committed to sustainability, we utilize c glass jars and recycled materials for our packaging, reflecting our dedication to stewardship and the preservation of life.

Are Surya products considered clean beauty?

Yes (beyond “clean”). 

Research/Clinical Trials

Surya’s products have been researched and developed at Surya’s award-winning wellness center for over 25 years with thousands of clients and guests, experiencing and participating in the evolution of Surya’s transformative and healing products, all stemming from Ayurveda’s clinically proven and timeless tradition. 

Wondering where to start, and which products to use?

Ayurveda helps our skin by balancing our elemental doshas: calming our windy Vata dosha when we have dry skin, or cooling our fiery Pitta dosha when our skin is irritated, or energizing our earth/water Kapha dosha when our skin is dull. By assessing your skin’s current imbalances, you can easily determine which products best suit your skin’s variable needs:

  • Calming

    Use Surya products labeled CALMING (Vata balancing) if you have dry or damaged skin, and need to moisturize, nourish, and refresh.

  • Cooling

    Use products labeled COOLING (Pitta balancing) if your skin is irritated or inflamed, and you need to reduce swelling, puffiness, and find soothing relief. 

  • Energizing

    Use products labeled ENERGIZING (Kapha balancing) if you struggle with oily, congested skin, and need to purify, clarify, and brighten. 

  • Balancing

    Use products labeled BALANCING (TridoshicVata/Pitta/Kapha  — balancing ) to cover all your skin’s needs, and to enhance and maximize your well-being and beauty. You and your skin will always benefit from products labeled BALANCING. 


Our Ethos And Principles

Ayurveda Is Now

We are honored to bring Ayurveda’s timeless wisdom into a modern and accessible framework. Our approach is practical and simple. We value tradition, and we are focused on verifiable results.

Plant Medicine Is Real

We know that plants are medicine, but their medicinal properties amount to much more than the single ingredients extracted by pharmaceutical companies.

Ayurveda knows that what we eat, and what we put on our bodies, all our choices, absolutely impacts our health and well-being. Guided by this principle, we carefully curate our ingredients, drawing from timeless wisdom and the pure abundance of our Mother Earth.

We Love To Heal

We know that love generates healing. We know that healing happens when we come from the heart, so everything we do comes from the heart. We mother, we nurture, we listen deeply, and we deeply care. We reconnect clients to the nourishing elements of the natural world, we melt away layers of tension, we ground. We create a space where guests can blossom into well-being.

You're A Spirit, Too

Ayurveda understands that our feelings, relationships, even our soul’s longings, all affect our health. We know that when we forge a connection to our whole being, we step through a doorway to a more open consciousness, and to greater health and happiness.

We're In This Together

In the wellness community that is Surya, everyone is welcome, loved, and supported, connected to each other, and the natural world. Our community inspires transformation and re-creation. Our community helps us return to our best health and well-being, and reminds us that, one step at a time, we’re all just walking each other home.