All-Inclusive, One-Year, Total Transformation Program

Cultivate profound and renewed vitality, deep peace of mind, inner and outer radiance, and a true restoration of health and well-being with Surya's 12-month, deeply personalized, and fully-curated Transformation Program. The ongoing and personal attention guests receive from Martha limits this exclusive opportunity to just a few people each year.

The core of the program is 40 days of custom-designed Panchakarma, offered throughout the year in four, 10-Day Immersive Retreats.  Because your one year journey is personally guided by Martha, you’ll meet during those retreats, as well as twice a month for the entire year, either in person at Surya or remotely via Zoom. You’ll receive eight private Surya Dosha Yoga classes personally designed for you by Martha, as well as four private SoundBreath Sessions. Martha will also provide you with hand-made monthly herbal formulas, adjusted for your evolving situation.  

The one year journey includes support from Surya's curated group of complementary healers, including four in-person visits with Surya’s renowned Buddhist healer from China, monthly zoom sessions with Surya's famous energy healer in Kauai, quarterly readings with Surya’s private Vedic Astrologer, and four private visits at Surya with Surya’s powerful Qi Gong healer. Martha will organize four Yagya Ceremonies performed in India on your behalf. These traditional Vedic rituals are designed to mitigate negative karmic influences and bolster positive ones for overall life experience.  Additionally, you’ll learn the simple Transcendental Meditation Technique taught to you privately over four days in person.

At the end of your journey, Martha will accompany you on a 4-day first class trip to the island of Kauai, where you'll visit sacred sights, receive blessings, and together with Martha create an easy, enjoyable Ayurvedic plan for your new life, renewed, revitalized, and transformed.  

The all-inclusive cost for Surya's One-Year Total Transformation Program is $180,000.