Black Lava Salt

improves digestion, calms excess vata, reduces bloating  Back To Botanicals
This mineral-rich salt, supplemented with activated charcoal, calms excess vata to improve digestion, flushes out toxins, and reduces bloating and water retention. It’s also an effective electrolyte which promotes the healthy flow of prana through muscles and nervous system. 
This black lava salt is a lower-sodium, mineral-rich, volcanic salt known for its healing and detoxifying properties. Salt is the only mineral we intentionally consume, and is so essential to life that animals will trek hundreds of miles to find sources of dietary salt. Salt has always been valuable — the ancient Romans used it as currency, and from salt, came the word “salary.” We use black lava salt to promote digestion and enhance nutrition. Unlike refined table salt, black salt resolves bloating, indigestion, and water retention. We also use its minerals to naturally alkalize and detoxify. 

Reduces excess vata, bloating, and indigestion

Enhances digestion

Alkalizing, with mineral-rich electrolytes

Aids in detoxification

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