Wild Yam Root

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Suran, or Wild Yam Root, is pungent, astringent, light, dry, and warming, which allows it to pacify and balance both kapha and vata doshas. It's also a powerful hormone balancer and detoxifier.
In India, wild yam is both a common vegetable, and a superfood. Rich in fiber, antioxidants, and compounds that protect the liver and balance hormones, Wild yam is also source of diosgenin, first used in the 1930s to synthesize hormones such as progesterone and cortisone. We love wild yam as a support for women's health, especially during hormonal transitions such as birth and menopause. Wild yam root is also effective in providing relief from pelvic pain and cramps, which is why it's particularly beneficial in our Yoni Steam Blends.

Balances Hormones and supports menopause

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving

Supports the liver and detoxification

Balances cholesterol and supports the immune system

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