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Methi, or fenugreek, is a warming, sweet, and grounding seed that helps balance vata and kapha. Used externally, it can reduce pitta inflammations of the skin and is particularly effective in promoting a smooth flow of vata.
Methi was one of the sacred herbs used by ancient Egyptians to embalm and bless their dead. It has always been a favorite of women, and consuming fenugreek with with olive oil and sugar was once considered a way to perfect the feminine figure. Fenugreek has been used for medicinal remedies and culinary recipes throughout Middle Eastern and European history. We add fenugreek seeds to our spice blends when we want to calm vata and enhance digestion and nourishment. We also appreciate fenugreek seeds as an ally for mothers who want easier menstrual flow and better production of healthy breast milk. 

Soothing and grounding for vata

Enhances comfortable digestion

Eases menstrual flow

Promotes healthy breast milk

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