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All-Inclusive Panchakarma Wellness Retreats

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Panchakarma Plus adds a deep layer of enrichment, offering personalized services including extended treatments, private Dosha Yoga sessions, Sound Healing, Jyotish Astrology and even, if desired, private Indian Dance classes. With you, Surya will curate a highly-customized retreat that will profoundly reset and transform body, mind, and spirit, and provide renewed and enduring vitality.

In addition to the transformative rejuvenation that a Panchakarma Wellness Retreat already provides, all-Inclusive Panchakarma retreats add an immersive depth. Your itinerary will be crafted specifically to serve your wellness and spirituality goals, allowing you to fully surrender to transformation. Organic Ayurvedic meals will be provided to support and nourish you during your journey and extended treatments will bring you deeply into a state of profound rest.