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Limited Edition Blue Tansy Massage & Body Oil

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A summer of extraordinary heat calls for something else extraordinary — Surya's Limited Edition Blue Tansy Massage & Body Oil.

The mesmerizing oil of the Moroccan tansy was treasured by ancient Greeks, Benedictine monks, and grew as a showpiece in the herb gardens of Charlemagne. It takes perfectly regulated steam to coax essential oil from the stems and yellow flowers of Tanacetum annuum. 

Martha personally blends blue tansy oil with jojoba, coconut, frankincense, squalene, and lavender flowers, creating an easily absorbed, ultra-cooling, and soothing oil that calms, cleanses, and with herbs and salts that help ayurvedically balance the skin, and are traditionally used to help reduce inflammation and soreness in muscles and joints. Give yourself a self-massage before a shower, or rub on a little of the gorgeous tansy oil after a shower. 

Cool, divine, and hand-made by Martha, herself.  Feel the magic.

(6.7 fl oz)

How To Use

As is possible, warm the bottle in hot water, then massage oil into your body, starting with face, ears, and neck, always working towards your heart. When massaging arms and legs, use a circular motion around the joints and a back-and-forth motion on the muscles.

Full Ingredients

Coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender flowers, squalene, blue tansy essential oil, frankincense essential oil


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