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Love Body Set


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Martha's special Love Body Set combines Surya's most heart-opening offerings to provide a true Surya experience in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy this privately, or with someone you love. The Love Body set is also a wonderful gift and is wonderfully received. ($133 Value)

Love Bath Soak: Immerse yourself in Surya's Heart-Opening Bath Soak, and let Rose Petals and and sacred Kanna leaves create a warm embrace for your body and soul.

Rose Body Oil: Surya's special Rose Body & Massage Oil is made by Martha with all her mantras, moonlight, and love. After a light self massage, known at Surya as an Abyhanga, the rose-infused oils, and herbs sink deeply into your body, setting the stage for the heart-opening soak. You can also apply a few drops afterwards, espeicaly if you're getting ready for a night of restorative sleep...

• Love Bath Soak
• Rose Petal Body Oil