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Nourish & Restore - Abhyanga + Shirodara

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The Abhyanga is a rejuvenating four-handed massage using custom herbalized warm oils, steeped overnight for your treatment. Our signature service nourishes your body, opens energy channels, and restores a lasting, youthful glow to your skin. This luxurious full-body therapy is followed by Shirodara, where oil infusions are streamed over your forehead, deeply calming your nervous system, dissolving stress, and bringing a lasting sense of peace.

Abhyanga + Shirodara is a perfect introduction to Surya's way of healing. During Abhyanga, the synchronous massage of two therapists drains lymph, nourishes skin, and helps restore balance while lulling the body and spirit into a state of profound relaxation. The Shirodara that follows grounds and soothes the entire physiology, allowing the nervous system to unwind and the mind to find quietude and rest.