Adzuki Bean

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High in protein and vital nutrients, adzuki beans are nourishing and purifying. They also help detoxify the blood, and alleviate excess kapha by reducing water retention.
Native to East Asia, these delicate, red beans are an ancient food, domesticated 4,000 years ago. They’re often sweetened and cooked into red bean paste, and feature prominently in Japanese and Chinese sweet dishes, but are also traditional to cultures as far west as India and Iraq. In folk medicine, adzuki beans have long been used to treat skin conditions like edema, and to help with urinary issues. At Surya, we use them to nourish and cleanse the skin, reduce water retention, and as one of the powerful nutrients in our Life Porridge.

Strengthens the urinary system

Soothes skin infections

Reduces water retention

Nourishes and clarifies the blood

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