Black Peppercorn

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Peppercorn is a powerful promoter of pitta. This common table seasoning particularly strengthens agni, the fire of our digestion and metabolism. 
Originating in Southern India, black peppercorns have been revered for over 4,000 years, so much so that they were once a currency more precious than pearls. Attila the Hun collected ransoms in peppercorn while Columbus hoped to find both gold and peppercorns in the Americas. As it turned out, he found chiles, but branded them as “peppers” anyway. Hippocrates was following in the footsteps of Ayurvedic doctors when he used peppercorns to treat everything from gangrene to constipation. We use black pepper to reduce the ama, or toxins, caused by poor digestion, environmental pollution, and even stress, and to reduce congestion and promote a healthy metabolism with a balanced pitta energy.

Digestion Tonic

Promotes Metabolic Detox

Improves Circulation

Reduces Congestion

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