Black Sesame

grounding, vata pacifying, rejuvenates hair, skin, and nails

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Black Sesame Seeds, or Kala Til, are high in vitamins, protein, and other nutrients. They're also also vata pacifying, and rejuvenate, protect, and purify skin, hair, and nails. 
Black sesame seeds are white sesame seeds which retain their nutritious black hulls. They hail from the Indian Spice Islands, and have been part of the human diet since before recorded history. Assyrian tablets tell tales of gods who drank sesame wine and woke the next day to create the earth. “Open sesame” reflects the magical way in which sesame seed pods open at the moment they ripen. Ancient Egyptians used sesame seeds as medicine, and prescribed sesame oil in purification rituals. Sesame oil has long been used in making fine perfumes and inks in the Middle and Far East.  We love topping our kitchari and dal with a sprinkle of these colorful seeds; they add a beautiful and flavorful contrast that also boosts nutrition.  More importantly, we use the oil of these seeds in our Ayurvedic therapies, herbalized and cooked uniquely for each guest…

Rich in calcium, strengthens teeth and bones

High in B vitamins, iron and vitamin D

Anti-aging for skin and hair

Purifies the skin and cleanses the tissues

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