Brown Mustard Seed

balances vata and kapha, aids digestion, soothes nervous system Back To Botanicals
Warming and pungent, mustard seeds are are balancing for vata and kapha, increase pitta, and are used as a digestive in Ayurvedic cuisine. Medicinally, mustard seed helps clear respiratory passages and alleviates joint congestion, as well as increasing circulation and decreasing nerve pain. 
The stems, leaves, and seeds of brown mustard are all edible, and found in traditional cuisines around the world. Because of its diminutive size, this seed has a long history as a metaphor of humility, in religions from Buddhism to Christianity. Brown mustard is also useful for uniquely modern problems, such as soils contaminated with heavy metals; brown mustard absorbs these impurities from the earth, and traps them within its cells. We use mustard seed to enhance digestion, to stimulate circulation, and to break up kaphic congestion. Mustard also stimulates hair growth and can relieve agitation in the nervous system. 

Relieves asthma, chest congestion, and bronchitis

Relieves joint pain, sciatica, and rheumatism

Stimulates circulation when used topically

Regenerates the scalp and stimulates hair growth

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