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Lavanga, or cloves, are highly potent flower buds that serve as a digestive stimulant, a powerful ally for dental health, and traditionally, an aphrodisiac. 
A required breath freshener in the court of the Han Dynasty, cloves have been treasured for thousands of years. Eagerly adopted by the cuisines of Asia, Europe, and the New World, cloves were central to ancient trade routes that spanned half the globe. The source of cloves, Indonesia’s Maluku islands, was once a well-guarded secret and European states engaged in espionage to steal the precious trees. We use clove for its stellar dental health properties, particularly in our Pulling Oil. We also love to blend clove with vata-balancing spices to enhance circulation and digestion, and protect the immune system.  

Excellent for pain relief of tooth aches

Cleans and freshens the mouth

Heart and circulation tonic


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