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Cool, moist, and bitter-sweet, comfrey is a good kapha balancer, and helps remove excess pitta inflammation and dryness from connective tissue and lungs. It is imbued with kapha’s strengthening and building qualities for skin repair and regeneration. 
Symphytum uplandica, the cultivated form of comfrey, has small blue and purple flowers and contains all the healing potency of wild comfrey without harsh alkaloids. Also called “knit bone,” comfrey’s remarkable cell-regenerating abilities make this herb a first choice for encouraging the formation of new connective tissue, whether it’s skin, bone, or anything in between. We find it’s practical applications amazing, particularly for helping damaged skin.

Cools and moistens the lungs

Speeds the healing of skin blemishes

Speeds the healing of broken bones

Speeds the healing of bruises

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