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Dandelion root cools, dries, and excels in reducing inflammation caused by excess pitta. It supports ranjaka pitta, the liver function, and also aids balance by reducing excess kapha and strengthening weak vata. Dandelion has long been known as a superior ally of the liver and a detoxifier of lymph and blood. 
Arab cultures have centuries-old history of using dandelion as a medicine for the liver and kidneys. As a flower that opens and closes with the rise and fall of the sun, dandelion has a place in Ayurvedic astrology, where it is associated with Saturn and the element of air. Dandelions transform their environment and also transform our bodies through detoxification and deep nutrition. Dandelion root nurtures the liver while our clients cleanse and purify the blood, kidneys, and lymphatic system.

Cleans and protects the liver and gall bladder

Cleans and detoxes the kidneys

Purifies the blood and lymph

Resolves kahpa and pitta-type damp congestive inflammation

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