reduces pitta-aggravated inflammation, supports blood, antiseptic

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Frankincense, a powerful tonic, sets blood in motion while simultaneously purifying it. Light, dry, and cooling, it reduces pitta inflammation, as well as stiffness and swelling. This revered resin is known to help heal wounds, soothe achy joints, and calm and clear the mind.
Native to the Middle East, Frankincense trees are hardy survivors, commonly found growing from near-solid rock. Their resin is gathered by scoring the bark and collecting the hardened “tears.” Traded throughout the Middle East from earliest antiquity, frankincense was, and remains, a essential ingredient for perfumes and incense, and an integral part of multiple religious traditions. We use frankincense primarily for its power to clear and soothe the mind, and to enrich the radiance of the skin. 

Powerful antiseptic, cleans the skin and wounds

Reduces joint pain and inflammation

Promotes mental clarity and spiritual connection

Promotes healthy blood flow, and purifies

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