reduces kapha and vata, increases circulation, relieves joint stiffness 

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Pungent, sweet, and warm, reduces kapha and vata. Ginger is close to an Ayurvedic panacea for its ability to increase the digestive fire, agni, and assist vata in multiple disorders related to digestion, circulation, respiration, and the joints. 
Ginger has been prized and cultivated for so many millennia that it no longer exists in a wild state. Once indigenous to the islands of Indonesia, ginger root is the ultimate multitasking botanical, serving cultures all around the world in the guises of drink, candy, cake, spice, vegetable, preservative, and of course, medicine. We often promote ginger foot baths to help with grounding and circulation. Ginger oil also improves sluggish kapha digestion and stiff joints. 

Relieves joint pain

Improves circulation, warms cold hands and feet

Improves digestion

Benefits respiratory congestion 

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