Goat's Rue

reduces excess Kapha, stabilizes blood sugar Back To Botanicals
Goat's Rue balances kapha by removing excess water from the body. This herb also stabilizes blood sugar, increases insulin sensitivity and boosts the production of breast milk.
Native to Europe, Goat's Rue is cultivated as an ornamental plant beneficial to bees and is so hardy that it is classified as an agricultural pest in some areas. Used in medieval Europe to treat worms, snake bite, and even plague, goat’s rue is also the basis of modern Western medicines such as metformin, used to treat diabetes. Do goats use Goat’s Rue? Not really — the name comes from the goatish smell the plants release when bruised. We use Goat’s Rue to support lactating mothers and to balance excess kapha. 


Stabilizes blood sugar

Promotes break milk production

Blood tonic

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