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Hops are bitter, drying, cooling, and pungent. These qualities can reduce the congestion of excess kapha and reduce aggravated vata by improving the flow of prana through the nervous system. 
Hops, of course, are well known for their use in beer, but less known is the fact that medieval herbalist saint Hildegard von Bingen was the first to codify the use of hops to preserve beer. Following in her wake, monks sought out hops for brewing because their estrogenic nature safely subdued the male libido.  Hops have a rich history of being used to calm anxiety and depression, lower stress, and improve sleep. We use hops in herbal preparations when we want to calm vata, reduce stress, and relax the muscles. 

Antispasmodic, relieves muscle pain

Reduces stress

Balances anxiety and depression

Removes excess kapha water and weight retention

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