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Jati, or jasmine, is a highly sattvic flower with pitta-pacifying qualities. It supports hormone balance, resolves stress, opens the heart, and uplifts the mind. As a tonic for vata, it also supports intestinal health with improved nutrient absorption through maintaining the health of our microbiome.  
Jati is the sacred flower of Kama, the God of Love. Traditionally used to support women though all phases of life, the “Queen of Flowers” is often seen adorning women on wedding days. Kati is a powerful, bliss-inducing flower that releases more scent at night, earning the name “moonlight on the grove.” Revered for its intoxicating smell, jasmine has been part of cosmetics and perfumes throughout human history. We use jasmine to pacify pitta, open the heart chakra, and elevate vata to its most sattvic, or blissful, nature. Jasmine helps us support women's health in childbirth and recovery.  Plus, we just love the scent.

Assists in childbirth and recovery

Uplifts the mood and balances hormones

Cools skin and other inflammatory conditions

A sweet relaxant and aphrodisiac

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