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Cooling and expansive, lavender enhances vata and the flow of prana, and nourishes skin and hair.  
Native to the islands of southwest Europe, legend has it that lavender was used first used to tame tigers and bears. Though its name is commonly believed to derive from the Latin lave, meaning to wash or infuse, others argue it comes from the Latin livere, which charmingly means “blueish.” In either case, lavender’s soothing, fresh scent has been used in body care and laundry products for ages. We love it in our Bath Soaks, and essential oils, calming mind and body, and, according to Ayurveda, increasing the flow of prana, our connected life-force…

Nourishes the skin and hair 

Soothing and anti-inflammatory


Calms the nerves, and opens our energetic channels

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