Marshmallow Root

cooling, soothing, moistens and protects the lungs Back To Botanicals
The root of the marshmallow, or gulkhero, is en effectively cooling, pitta pacifier, and also soothes vata’s dry energy. Marshmallow also promotes and healthy kapha protective properties in the digestive tract and urinary system, and helps moisten and protect the lungs.
Over 2,000 years ago, Egyptians used the spongy pith of the marshmallow's stalks and root to make candy offerings for pharaohs, nobility, and gods. English confectioners later extracted the sap and whipped it into the confections like know today, though that was later replaced with gelatin. At Surya, we use marshmallow’s soothing and protecting properties to heal the skin, as well as the delicate linings of the urinary, respiratory, and digestive tracts.

Helps dissolve kidney stones

Helps heals wounds

Helps heal ulcerations in the stomach and skin

Soothes coughs, colds, and sore throats

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