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Nutmeg, known as jatiphala, is a potent aromatic spice made up that energies kapha and fires up pitta. Nutmeg is used to decrease pain, enhance sleep, and stimulate digestion.
Nutmeg, long used as an aphrodisiac and pain reliever, became one of Europe’s most expensive spices when it was adopted to ward off the plague. Long before that, ancient Egyptians considered it a sacred spice, and used it for embalming. Nutmeg trees, originally from Southeast Asia, take almost twenty years to mature, and in many cultures, nutmeg is a symbol of health, luck, wealth, and loyalty. We use nutmeg for its calming and opening energies, which soothe vata and free blocked kapha. We love how it enhances digestion, and how, in moderation, it enhances sleep in an evening tea.

Helps relieves depression and anxiety

Increases sexual potency and fertility

It’s powerful antioxidants help prevent cell damage

Induces relaxation and sleep

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