Orange Peel

pacifies pitta and kapha, enhances lymphatic circulation, firms skin Back To Botanicals
Orange peel is bitter, light, and dry, increasing energy, enhancing vata, and pacifying the pitta and kapha doshas. Its aromatic energies move stagnant energy and activate the digestive system.
Orange is a fruit of luck and good fortune whose uplifting scent has been used for ages in love potions and medicinal remedies for the skin, digestion, and the lymphatic system.  Orange is a euphoric stimulant and enhances circulation of the lymph and energy channels, brightening and firming the skin.  We use orange peel to activate digestion and clear away heaviness and dullness, both inside the belly and on the skin. You’ll find orange peel essential oil in some of our blends, where it improves circulation and brightens the skin.

Enhances digestion

Resolves inflammation and congestion in the stomach

Brightens and cleans the skin

A stimulating, euphoric scent

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