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Passionflower cools pitta, and smooths the flow of vata as it deeply calms the nervous system.
In Peru, the passionflower was named by 15th Century Spanish missionaries who in it, saw the crucifixion of Christ; the flower’s three stamens were nails, and the five anthers were the sacred wounds. This mesmerizing flower is reported to remove blockages our nervous system and crown chakra, and help naturally open us to our higher consciousness. At Surya, we use passionflower to soothe vata and cool pitta, and relieve mental restlessness and agitation. We also love how it can support women in hormonal transition, and is gentle enough to take as a calming tea for anxiety and better sleep.

Lowers blood pressure

Calms nerve pain and anxiety

Soothes gastric spasms

Fosters connection to higher consciousness

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