Peppermint Leaf

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Peppermint is conderful herb for stimulating sluggish kapha, cooling pitta, and balancing the movement of vata — especially for digestion and mental clarity.
Peppermint has been in use throughout recorded history. First cultivated by ancient Egyptians, the ancient Romans later associated it with Venus, and that sense has carried on, as we find peppermint in foods and scents associated with love. In addition to flavoring wines and candy, many cultures use it medicinally, and even “spiritually,” to protect children, clear stagnant energy, and ward off evil spirits. At Surya, we use peppermint oil and leaf in many preparations, to both stimulate energy and digestion, and create the cool mental clarity that comes from balanced doshas.

Useful for helping colds and flu

Relieves nausea and sluggish digestion

Enhances circulation and respiration

Enhances mental clarity

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