Red Rose Petal

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Ayurveda loves the queen of all flowers. Rose has a particular ability to cool the body while also stimulating agni, the inner fires of metabolism and perception. Rose has healing effects for sadhaka pitta, the warmth and passion of the heart and benefits the equilibrium between mind and heart. Modern research confirms the ability of rose to balance hormones and prevent aging of the skin.
Rosa L, Rosaceae. Rose oil is said to have the highest frequency of all plant essences, emanating the energy of divinity and love. Rose water is traditionally used in India for blessing guests at ceremonies, soothing eyes and skin, and for accenting sweets. The special connection of red rose petals with intimacy and romance explains why they are used around the world for beautification, cosmetics, and plant magick.

Opens and nourishes the heart

Calms the mind and elevates the mood

Balances hormones

Soothes and regenerates the skin

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