Sea Salt

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In Ayurveda, the taste of salt arises from the elements of fire and water, making it perfect for calming vata. Naturally mineralized sea salt is essential for balancing hydration, minerals, and electrolytes.
Sea salt was first written about in Buddhist scriptures from the 5th century, and this essential gift has been woven throughout cultures and history. Crucial for both health and the preservation of food, it’s been at the heart of revolutions and wars (Indian, American, French), and fortunes have been made, and lost, in the its trade. So valuable was salt, that in ancient time, salt was a form of currency — and in fact, the word “salary” derives from the root “sal” — for salt. We use deep sea mined salt for our bath soaks, to help flush out toxins, improve energy flow, and provide deep rest and relief.

Essential for electrolyte balance

Gently flushes toxins from the body

Enhances digestion and provides mineral nutrients

When soaked in, provides deep and healing recovery

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