Vetiver Grass

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Cold, light, dry, bitter, sweet, and grounding, vetiver is an excellent pitta pacifier that strengthens the skin and tones the shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue) in men and women. Its strengthening and grounding qualities also benefit vata.
Vetiveria Zizanioides, Gramineae. Vetiver grass, also known as khus khus grass, (or ushira to the Ayurvedic practitioners), is a tenacious grass that clings to the earth and prevents erosion. This quality of strength and groundedness is what we first notice when using vetiver. In India it’s known as the nectar of summer for its cooling and soothing properties. The grass is woven into rugs and curtains that simultaneously cast shade and perfume the air. The oil, known as “the oil of tranquility” and “the scent of the soil,” is used in cooling beverages and perfumes.

Improves complexion

Relieves burning pains and body aches

Cleanses the reproductive tissues

Promotes lactation in nursing moms

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