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  • I need to cool down...

    If you're feeling a little irritable, or angry, or perhaps have a rash or other skin condition, your fire dosha, your Pitta, is likely aggravated.

  • I need to calm down...

    If you’re feeling distracted, overwhelmed, or anxious, or unusually cold or dry, or if your digestion is gassy and bloated, these are likely indications that your wind and air element, your vata dosha, is imbalanced...

  • I need to energize...

    If you're feeling lethargic, congested, dull, or foggy-minded your kapha dosha is likely out of balance.

  • I feel good...

    If you’re feeling that you’re right where you should be, that comfortable at-home feeling, supported and supporting, light of heart, easy of mind... then, for as long as this feeling lasts, you’re perfectly balanced...


Ayurveda knows that what we eat — or put on our body — is also plant medicine, and makes a meaningful difference to our health and well-being.

Because of that, we curate the ingredients of our products from a network of fair-trade, conscious, wild-harvested, and eco-based farmers and miners.

  • Skincare Discovery Kit

    The perfect introduction to Ayurvedic beauty. Our Discovery Surya's Skincare Discovery Set is the perfect introduction to 100% clean Ayurvedic beauty. Elevate your skin regimen with three of Surya's most highly regarded essentials.

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  • Spa Bread For The Soul

    Enjoy Surya Spa’s beloved gluten-and-grain-free bread at home! Our delicious breads are baked with Ayurvedic herbs and spices to soothe the soul.

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  • Experience Surya Spa

    Voted The Best Ayurvedic Spa in Los Angeles, CA.

    Martha Soffer is the original founder and Ayurvedic Practitioner of Surya. She is now recognized as the western leader of modern Ayurveda.

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Restore Your Skin - Balancing Collagen Cream

Our deeply transformative cult favorite, created by Martha from a generations-old family face cream recipe, with the additional potency of Ayurvedic botanicals.

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Kansa Wand

Surya’s exclusively-designed Kansa Wand, tipped on both ends with healing bronze, is Surya’s go-to skincare tool.

The history of the Kansa wand goes back 5,000 years to ancient India and is made from the same healing material as Tibetan gongs - an alloy of copper, aluminum, and zinc. Together these metals balance pH and remove impurities in our skin.

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Transcendental Healing Lattes

Martha’s incredible, delicious, Ayurvedic latte mixes: Brain Power Latte, Turmeric Latte, Hot Chocolate, and Energy Latte.

Complete your nourishing system of health and well-being. Packed full of healing and energizing adaptogenic herbs.

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