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Fennel (called saunf in India) is a tridoshic spice with the special ability to kindle agni (digestive metabolism) without provoking pitta. While fennel has many wonderful uses, it’s particularly treasured for the ability to comfort digestion and soothe vata aggravation and pain in the lower abdomen. 
A hardy perennial related to the carrot, fennel has a long history in the Mediterranean, where both ancient Greece and Rome used it for food, medicine, and even insect repellent. In ancient Greek mythology, when Prometheus stole fire from the gods, he carried it back to humanity with a giant, blazing fennel stalk. Fennel works wonders in our balancing Digestive Tea, where it aids digestion, soothes bloating, and calms overactive appetites. We also love using fennel to support mothers with healthy menstruation and nursing.  

Improves digestion and freshens breath

Reduces abdominal pain and cramps

Improves the flow of breast milk

Calms and clears the mind

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