Licorice Root

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Licorice, or yashtimadhu, is known as an all-balancing rasayana, or rejuvenating botanical. Licorice soothes the digestive and respiratory systems, and supports the immune system.
King Tut was entombed not only with an abundance of gold, but — so that he could enjoy it in the next life — excellently-preserved licorice. The Brahmins of India’s past used licorice to restore vitality, and other cultures use it to strengthen themselves against foods that might make them sick. We use licorice in all the traditional Ayurvedic senses: to soothe membranes in the throat, lungs, and stomach, to support the adrenal glands, and as a general tonic for the digestive and immune systems.

Powerfully antiviral

Strengthens adrenal glands

Helps heal stomach ulcers

Soothes sore throat and dry lungs

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