Neem Leaf

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Neem is an excellent purifier and protector, calming vata and cooling pitta. Neem helps clear the skin, nourish the hair, guard against infections, and is superb for dental hygiene.
For centuries, the neem tree has been an integral ally in the development of the Indian culture. Known as “the great friend and protector,” the neem tree, a panacea to Indian villagers, is a natural fertilizer, a pesticide, and purported to be a cure for over one hundred ailments, including tooth aches, head lice, malaria to diabetes. All parts of the neem tree are used, and prized, for both healing and cosmetic benefits. At Surya, we use neem to promote oral health, clear skin blemishes, strengthen the hair, and help fight infections.

Cooling and soothing for skin and scalp

Helps diminish viral, bacterial, and fungal infections

Reduces urinary tract inflammation

Promotes dental health

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