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Coriander, or Dhaniya, is a sweet and astringent spice that’s tridoshic, and also cooling. It aids with digestion, regulates immune response to allergies, and helps purify the blood. 
Coriander was a medicine to the ancient Egyptians, and archaeologists have discovered coriander in tombs, left there as a blessing. In Ayurveda, coriander is used as a digestive, or, when mixed with milk and honey, as an aphrodisiac. It’s been an ingredient in cosmetics since at least the 14th century, and is loved by cultures around the world to preserve and spice food and drink. We enjoy the beneficial effects of coriander in our Churna Spice Blends, and in our dosha-balancing Digestive Tea. 

Regulates allergies

Aids in complete digestion

Benefits all doshas

Purifies the blood

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